"Sensing the City: Sensuous Explorations of the Urban Landscape" consists of a series of six lectures presented during the Fall of 2005 at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA). The series was organized in collaboration with Concordia University. The lectures were commissioned to accompany the exhibition "Sense of the City" (at the CCA until September 10, 2006) and were conceived as a way of extending the discussion on the theme of sensorial urbanism which is central to that exhibition.

The idea for this series grew out of conversations between David Howes, Director of the Concordia Sensoria Research Team (CONSERT) and curator of the series, and Mirko Zardini, Director of the CCA. They both wish to thank Concordia University's Dean of Fine Arts, Catherine Wilde, and Dean of Arts and Science, David Graham, for their generous contributions to the realization of this project. They both also hope that you will find something for each of your senses in the highly stimulating presentations which follow.

R. Murray Schafer, "The Sounding City"
Introduction to Schafer by David Howes
Lecture by R. Murray Schafer

Constance Classen, "The Sensuous City: Urban Sensations From the Middle Ages
to Modernity
Introduction to Classen by David Howes
Lecture by Constance Classen

Jean-Pierre Lemasson, "Le goût de la ville"
Introduction to Lemasson by David Howes
Lecture by Jean-Pierre Lemasson

Mark Sussman, "Lighting Urban Spectacle: Electric Interventions in Everyday Life"
Introduction to Sussman by David Howes
Lecture by Mark Sussman

Jim Drobnick, "Guarded Breaths: Art and Smell in the [cough] Metropolis"
Introduction to Drobnick by David Howes
Lecture by Jim Drobnik

Sarah Pimpaneau, "Un festival des sens : rituel et tourisme dans une ville japonaise"
Introduction to Pimpaneau by David Howes
Lecture by Sara Pimpaneau

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