Uncommon Senses: Program

April 27, Thursday, 8:30-9:45


Thursday, 10:00-12:45

Conference Welcome and Introduction

David Howes

Jennifer Fisher

Plenary Speakers

Richard Schechner, New York University

"Is Cyberspace Smelly? The Aroma of Virtualities"
Margaret Morse, University of California, Santa Cruz


Thursday, 2:00-3:45

Anthropology of the Senses I: Material Culture

"The Sensible Power of Images"
Clara Banderali, State University of New York, Buffalo

"Sensual Relations, or the Life of the Senses in Society: Melanesian Case

David Howes, Concordia University

"Sweet Incense and Sticky Foods: The House as a Multisensory Medium in the
Arabian Gulf States"

Sharon Nagy, DePaul University

"Surrogate Smells: Virtual Womb"
Mary-Louise Totton, University of Michigan


Digital Aesthetics

"Digital Aesthetics in the Era of Cyber-Capitalism"
Mark Andrejevic, University of Colorado at Boulder

"Sense of Touch: Tactile Sensation in a Digital World"
Steven Bleicher, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

"The Sensory Envelope of Information Events Generated Between Archaic and
New Imaging Technologies"

David Tomas, Université de Québec à Montréal


Engendering the Senses: Feminism and the Body

"It Causes a Stink but Does it Smell? Contemporary Art, the Senses and

Deborah Cherry, University of Sussex

"Old Masters of Modern Art: Aging, Suffering and the Economy of

Nicole Dubreuil, Université de Montréal

"A Soft Touch: Women Designers of Deco"
Bridget Elliott, University of Western Ontario

"A Sense of Extravagance: Margaret Macdonald's Gesso Panels"
Janice Helland, Queens University


Exhibition Practices

"Rethinking the Gaze: Craft Objects in Gallery Spaces"
Sandra Alfoldy, Concordia University

"Sensing the Museum: The Tactility of the Eye and the Visibility of Touch"
Laura Biagi, New York University

"Orphic Fodder"
Douglas Fitch and Mimi Oka, Independent Artists

"Extrasensory Understandings"
Amanda Phillips and Mark Doyle, Leeds Art Gallery



"Fluid Exchanges and Twitching Automata"
Ingrid Bachmann, Concordia University

Title to Follow
Laura Baring-Gould, University of Massachusetts, Boston and Clark

University, Worcester

"Somatic Architectures"
Wendy Jacob, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The Furnace: Analysis of an Interactive Digital Installation"
Gerry Kisil, Independent Scholar


Senses of Space I

"Topologies of Sensation: Fragmentary Maps of Contemporary Architecture"
Sam Beway, Illinois Institute of Technology

"Open Up the Window (And Get Some Air Into This Room)"
Hugh Campbell, University College Dublin

 "Soundwalks as a Way to Understanding Environments, and as Multimedia

Andra McCartney, Concordia University

"Pampering Pleasures and Aesthetic Aspirations: Beds, Baths and Martha

Ruth R. Miller, University of California, Santa Barbara


Thursday, 4:00-5:45

Anthropology of the Senses II: States of Perception

"French Anthropology and the Study of the Senses of the 'Primitive'"
Nélia Dias, Instituto Superior de Ciencias do Tabalho e da Empresa

"Toward a Cultural Psychology of the Senses: Notes on an Anlo-Ewe Theory of
Inner States"

Kathryn Geurts, University of Chicago

"Ethical Listening within Contemporary Islamic Egypt"
Charles Hirschkind, University of Toronto

"An Intrinsic Relationship Between Sound and Image"
Lydia Sharman, Concordia University



"The Transference of Absence: Imprint and Imprimatur"
Barbara McGill Balfour, York University

 "Sense of Connection: Touching Art"
Rosalyn Driscoll, Independent Artist

"The Virtual Touch"
Pierre Pepin, Art Institute of Florida

"In Surgical Sleep"
Louise Wilson, Independent Artist


Popular Culture: Affects and Effects

"Looking at Records"
Philip Auslander, Georgia Institute of Technology

"'Worrying the Note': Mapping Time in the Gangsta Film"
Jodi Brooks, University of New South Wales

"The Pixel Chef: PBS Television Cooking Shows and the Human Sensorium"
Monica Mak, McGill University

"Fashioning a Stave"
Gregory Seigworth, Millersville University



"The Fantasy of Weightlessness"
Suzanne Barnard and Camilla Griggers, Duquesne University and Carlow


Caroline Koebel, University of Buffalo

"Crossing Borders"
Carolina Loyola-García, Carnegie Mellon University


Senses of Space II

"The Urban Sensorium"
Kanishka Goonewardena, University of Toronto

"Frugality and Urbanity"
May Joseph, New York University

"Entropic Effects"
Johanne Sloan, Columbia University

"Tasting, Touching and Smelling Art in Special Seclusion Spaces"
Eleni Tracada, University of Manchester


Sensing the Sacred

"Sacred Attentiveness: Charismatic Christians and the Indeterminacy of
Spiritual Gifts"

Omri Elisha, New York University

"Islam and the 'Lower' Senses"
Todd Lawson, Independent Scholar

"Feeling Sound: The Embodiment of the Goddess in the Srividya Tradition"
Tanisha Ramachandran, Concordia University

"Smells and Bells: The Use of the Senses and the Burning of Substances in
Christian and Hindu Examples of Ritual Reformulation/Reformation"

Noel Salmond, Carleton University


April 28, Friday, 9:00-10:45


"Avatar Heresies: The King Lives (Virtually)"
Greg Garvey, Concordia University

"Crucial Desires"
Mireille Perron, Alberta College of Art and Design

"Flesh, Meaning and the Augmented Body: The Future of the Human"
Sandra Seekins, University of Michigan

"Hyperaesthesia, Sensory Concurrence and New Technologies"
Melanie Swalwell, University of Technology, Sydney


Deaf Cultures

"Un débat interdisciplinaire sur la surdité"
Sophie Dalle, Université Toulouse Le Mirail

"La culture sourde: Plus qu'une adaptation à la perte auditive"
Nathalie Lachance, Université de Montréal

"The Senses and Deafness: A New Paradigm"
Jamie C. MacDougall, McGill University and Gary Malkowski, Canadian Hearing


"Deafness and Sign Language in a Yucatec Maya Community"
Paige MacDougall, Concordia University


Embodied Reading

"The Sensory Subversion of Reading"
Sabine Gross, University of Wisconsin

"Toward Ideal Harmony: Experiencing Artists' Books as Visual
Tactile-Auditory-Olfactive Diagrams of Semiotic Modelling"

Elzbieta Kazmierczak, State University of New York, Buffalo

"The Tactility of Language"
Karmen MacKendrick, LeMoyne College

"Sensory Pleasures of the Library"
Laurie Palmer, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Experiencing the Atmosphere

"Experiencing Sound Atmospheres"
Gabor Csepregi, Dominican College

"Experiencing the Between"
Erin McCarthy, University of Ottawa

"The Distances Between"
Tegan Smith, Independent Scholar

"La notion d'atmosphère dans la relation soignant-soigné. Approche

Florence Vinit, Université Laval


Sensorial Strategies in Art History

"Do Not Touch: The Modernist Repression of the Tactile and its Return as

Pamela Allara, Brandeis University

"Re-Embodying Greenberg's Viewer"
Charles Reeve, Cornell University

"Marcel Duchamp's Sensory Language: A New Interpretation of Ready-Mades"
Shin-Yi Yang, Cornell University


Staging Sensoriality

"Battling Blood: Harsh Life in a Scene from Ron Athey's Performance"
Sara J. Bailes, Performance Studies, New York University

"Olfactory Performances"
Sally Banes, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"Performing Touch"
Jennifer Fisher, Concordia University

"Feeling the Event: 'Spaces of Affect' and the Cajun Dance Arena"
Charles J. Stivale, Wayne State University


Friday, 11:00-12:45

Cinematic Senses

"From Wonka Bars to Cheesy Poofs: The Taste(s) of Popular Cinema"
Leanne Downing, Latrobe University

"Olfactory Montage"
Laura Marks, Carleton University

"The Body of the Audience: Marketing to the Entire Body in Movie-Going"
Paul Moore, York University

Astrid Vicas, Saint Leo University


Cuts and Caresses: The Body in Pleasure and Pain

"Bob Flanagan on Pain Management: 'Alligator Clips on My Dick, Demoral on
My Mind'"

Cathy Busby, National Gallery of Canada

"'No Other Concern than Maternal Caresses': Depicted and Factural Gestures
in Mother and Child Images by Mary Cassatt, 1889-92"

Pamela Ivinski, Graduate Center of the City University of New York

"Pardon Me"
Michelle Johnson, Independent Scholar

"The Reincarnation of St. Orlan, or the Artist as Charlatan"
Amy Pederson, University of British Columbia


Helen Keller

"Via Helen Keller"
Raymond Gervais, Independent Artist

"A World of Sense: Helen Keller Represents Blind-Deaf Experience"
Georgina Kleege, Independent Scholar

"When French and Americans Look at Helen Keller"
Catherine Kudlick, University of California, Davis

"Helen Keller and the Senses of Justice"
Kim Nielsen, University of Wisconsin


Philosophical Aesthetics: Sensorial Investigations

"Reconfiguration of the Body in Diderot's Aesthetics"
Olivier Asselin, Concordia University

"Aesthetics, Materiality and the History of the Senses"
Valentin Ferdinán, Middlebury College

"For an Experimental Philosophy of the Senses: Condillac's Sensitive Statue
and Diderot's Metaphysical Anatomy"

Daniel Leonard, Columbia University

"Schopenhauer's Un-Savoury Aesthetics: The Case of the Still Life"
Sandra Shapshay, Columbia University


A Sensory Primer

"Metaphor and the Categorization of the Senses"
Clive Cazeaux, University of Wales Institute

"Nailing the Earlobe to the Doorpost"
Michael Kigel, York University

"Senses that We Sense"
June Pak, University of Windsor

"Seeing the Invisible?"
Wendy Simon, Lonergan College


Writing the Senses

"Riding the Steel Internet: Graffiti Writers Turning to Freight Trains to
Produce Their Work"

Louise Gauthier, Concordia University

"The Smell of the Father: Elaine Kraf's Find Him! and the Disassembly of
the Feminist Reader"

Minrose Gwin, University of New Mexico

"Written on the Body, Written by the Senses"
Jennifer Hansen, Gettysburg College

"Composing the Screen: Possibilities for Performing Letterforms"
Nancie Wight, Concordia University


Friday, 2:00-3:45

Plenary Speakers

"The Parable of the Cave (Blind Version)"
Brian Massumi, State University of New York

"The Futurist Sensorium and the Cultural Politics of the Senses"
Constance Classen, Lonergan College


Friday, 4:00-5:45

Amerindian Aesthetics

"A Navajo Philosophy of Color"
Thomas Csordas, Case Western Reserve University

"A Sonic Poesis of Place and Persona in the Andes"
Daniel Fisher, New York University

"From Painting to Power: The Artwork of Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall

Kahante Horn-Miller, Concordia University

"The Shifting Relationships Between Gaze and Image: The Cashinahua Indians
of Eastern Peru and their Ornamentalistics"

Barbara Keifenheim, Yunnan University


Artistic Process

"The Dancer's Kinaesthetic Sense: Touching from the Inside"
Dena Davida and Mônica Dantas, Université de Québec à Montréal

"The Creative Meeting: A Theoretical and Practico-Aesthetic Study of the
'Meeting' Between the Material and the Artist in Creating a Work of Art"

Marte Gulliksen, Stavanger College

"The Consciousness of the Body in the Act, Time and Space of a Drawing"
John McNorton, Royal College of Art and University of Wales


Critiques of Ocularcentrism

"The Eye of the Flesh: Sight and Embodiment in the Middle Ages"
Suzannah Biernoff, Middlesex University

"Uncommon Vision: Sensory Engagements and Disengagements among Nepal's
Yolmmo Buddhists"

Robert Desjarlais, Sarah Lawrence College

"Returning to Our Senses: De-scribing Law through Digital Technology"
Bernard Hibbitts, University of Pittsburgh

"Vision Beyond Eyesight"
Francisco Vaz da Silva, University of Lisbon


Feminist Aesthetic Practices

"A Matter of Paint: the Embodied Subject of Aesthetics"
Rosemary Betterton, Lancaster University

"Feminine Identity Otherwise: Moving through the Latticework of Mary
Kelly's Interim"

Patricia A. Mannix, University of California, Los Angeles

"Sensory Adventures in Aesthetics: The Art of Helen Chadwick"
Judith Reiter Weissman, New York University


Making Sense of Texts

"Sensory Perception and Metaphor in Seventeenth-Century Sectarian

Janet Bertsch, University College, London

"A Fantastic Mutation of Normal Reality: Sensory Experience in Death in

Joanna Bottenberg, Concordia University

"'A Ludicrous Lushness': Sensory Excess and the Body in Process in the
Writings of Zelda Fitzgerald"

Deborah Pike, The University of Sydney

"Counting on Poetry: Gardens and Cultural Regimes"
Ruth Salvaggio, University of New Mexico


Rasaboxes: Workshop

Richard Schechner, New York University
with Paula Murray Cole and Michelle Minnick, East Coast Artists


April 29, Saturday, 9:00-10:45

Aurality I

"Polyphonic Aurality in the Context of John Cage's Roaratorio: An Irish
Circus on 'Finnegan's Wake'"

Robert Bean, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

"Flatus Vocis: Somatic Winds"
Christof Migone, New York University

"What Did Van Gogh Hear? Wagner, Vibrations and Voices"
Peter Schmunk, Wofford College

 "How Loud is My Voice? Contemporary Artists Practising Silence"
Alicia Wargo, Rutgers University


Cultural Histories of the Senses I

"High Sensations: Sense and Sensibility in the Masochism of Saint Catherine
of Genoa"

Anna Alexander, Simone de Beauvoir Institute

"Transformative Performances: The Soul's Sensuous Body in Medieval Mystical

Rosemary Hale, Concordia University

"Sensory Phenomena and Experience in the Early Medieval Other World"
Robert Penkett, Independent Scholar

"Sensing, Speaking Through the Body: The Experiential and Discursive Female
Medieval Mystical Sensorium"

Cindy Stelmakowich, State University of New York, Binghamton


Feeling Difference: The Sensory Politics of Alterity

"Traces of the Body: Native, Women, Artists"
Joan Acland, Concordia University

"The Black Venus: Viscerality in Representation"
Terry Provost, Concordia University

"A Perfectly Spaced-Out Nation"
Randal Rogers, Concordia University

"Personifying Capital: The Contradictory Desires of (un)Common Sense"
Beth Seaton, York University



"Through the Glass Brightly: Synaesthesia and the Arts"
Eran Guter, Boston University

"The Private Life of the Senses: Synaesthesia, Eidetic Imagery and the
Denigration of Modern Art in National Socialist Germany"

Michael Latham, University of Michigan

"De la médecine à l'art: applications de la synethésie chez Paul Fort,
Alexandre Scriabine, Vassily Kandinsky"

Lista Marcella, Université de Limoges

"Semanalytic Synaesthesia: Embodying Critical and Aesthetic Discourse in
Julia Kristeva's Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection"

M. Michael Schiff, York University


Taste I

"Taste and the Production of Pleasure: Melbourne's Queen Victoria Markets"
Kathleen Ferguson, Monash University

"Taste and Technology: Count Rumford's 'Red Hot Monsters' and 'Metaphysical

Roger Haden, University of Technology, Sydney

"Chilies and Beaujolais: John Dewey's Gustatory Aesthetic"
Kevin Sweeney, University of Tampa

"Local Taste: France and the Commitment to Terroir"
Amy B. Trubek, New England Culinary Institute


Saturday, 11:00-12:45

Aurality II

"The Influence of Technology on Music"
Bruno Deschenes, Independent Scholar

"Sounding Out Richard: Henry Irving and the Shakespearean Soundscape"
Wes Folkerth, McGill University

"At the Edge of Hearing: The Third Ear and the Performance of Difference"
Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, Central Michigan University

"Voice-Morphing: Farinelli and the Cult of the Hybrid Voice"
Sherry Simon, Concordia University


Cultural Histories of the Senses II

"The Epistemology of the Senses in New World Historiography"
Galen Brokaw, Lafayette College

"Touch and Vividness in the Italian Renaissance"
Jodi Cranston, Boston University

"The Five Senses at the Vatican Library"
Corinne Mandel, University of Western Ontario


Disability and Technology: Reconfiguring the Senses

"Facilitating Art-Making Experiences For Children with Disabilities"
Carol Kiendl, University of Illinois, Chicago

"The Blending of Social Identity and Mobility Devices in Blind People"
Rod Michalko, St. Francis Xavier University

"Experiences Through Clay: Therapeutic Modelling and Ceramics in Two
Anthroposophic Communities"

Ariane Malikiossis, Concordia University

"Technology Advertisement: Re-organizing the Senses and Re-constituting a
Disabled Identity"

Tanya Titchkosky, St. Francis Xavier University


Sense Appeals

"Le Bonheur de femmes/The Scent of a Woman"
Sharon Kivland, Sheffield Hallam University

"Suspense and Sensory Difference in Sacher-Masochs' Venus in Furs"
Catriona MacLeod, University of Pennsylvania

"Feeling Fabulous Forever: Hyperaesthesia, Memory and Mundanity in Some
Recent Queer Australian Cultural Production"

Lisa Stefanoff, New York University


The Tactility of Vision: Readings in Photography, Film and Video

"Tactility, History, Sexuality: Peggy Ahwesh's The Color of Love and the
Felt Object of Film History"

Elena Gorfinkel, New York University

"Apperception: Re-reading Phenomenological Suppositions in Classical Film

Sudhir Mahadevan, New York University

"Tactile Photography"
Kenneth Rogers, New York University

"Tactile Spectatorship: Links Between Early Film Theory and Video Art"
Tess Takahashi, Brown University

Michael Zryd, University of Western Ontario


Taste II

"Sleeping with Cake: A Series of Artist Projects"
Diane Borsato, Concordia University

"Wittgenstein's Kitchen: Sharing Sense in Restaurant Work"
Gary Alan Fine, Northwestern University

"Making Sense of Food"
Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, New York University

"Food for Thought: Representation, Eating and the Imaginary Self"
Richard Leppert, University of Minnesota


Saturday, 2:00-3:45

Plenary Speakers

"Vaginal Aesthetics"
Joanna Frueh, University of Nevada, Reno

"Corrupting the Purity of the White Cube"
Jim Drobnick, Concordia University


Saturday, 4:00-5:45

Altered States

"De l'absorption des drogues par la bouche, le nez et la peau"
Olga Duhamel, Université de Montréal

"The Haptephobic Self: Senses Gone Awry"
Derek S. Foster, Carleton University

"Immateriality of the Senses and Immortality of the Love Object:
Hallucinations, Mourning and Hysteria in a Virtual World"

Catherine Mavrikakis, Concordia University

"Listening to the Interface"
Norie Neumark, Cornell University


From the Tactile to the Embrace

"The Embrace: Encounters of the Ethical Kind"
Sandra Buckley, State University of New York, Albany

"Talking Sense: Merleau-Ponty's Vision"
Vicki Kirby, The University of New South Wales

"Haptic Vision and the Intuition of Time"
Thomas Lamarre, McGill University

"Making Sense of Stelarc"
Meredith Walsh, The Australian National University

Brian Massumi, State University of New York, Albany


Perceptual Pedagogies

"The Forgotten Sense -- Proprioception"
Stephen Blundell, University of Central England

"Collaborative Footprints: Imprints of Psychic Exchange"
Audrey Churgin, Independent Scholar

"From Isolation to Reintegration: The Adoption of Different Sensory Codes"
Nadia Ferrara, Université de Montréal

"Sense to Intelligence: Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard Teaches the Wild Boy of

Patrick McDonagh, Concordia University


Sociology of the Senses

"Interaction and the Senses: Suggestions for a Theoretical and
Methodological Perspective"

George Pollard, Carleton University

"The Perception of Deception"
Judith Sparks, Carleton University

"The Gendered Sensorium"
Anthony Synnott, Concordia University

"Aged to Imperfection: Consequences of Olfactory Depletion"
Thea Udd, Carleton University


The "Total Artwork" (Gesamtkunstwerk)

"Multimedia of the Machine Age: A Genealogy of Multimedia through
Avant-Garde Movements in Western Art"

Katherine Liberovskaya, Concordia University

"Polysensorialite et art contemporain"
Jocelyne Lupien, Université de Québec à Montréal

"Common Senses: Language, Ocularcentrism and the Recovery of the Human

Elizabeth Walden, University of Minnesota

"Synthesizing Sensory Experience: The Organic School of the Russian

Isabel Wunsche, California Institute of Technology